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As soon as your rug arrives to our expert rug cleaning company, it will be like new again. They will make it look brighter, feel great, and smell fresher. We can increase the lifetime and the beauty of your rug. Our rug cleaning method consists of a few steps, and these steps will vary depending on the type of rug and the amount of cleaning needed.

Every single rug is hand-inspected by one of our expert carpet cleaning professionals in order to figure out exactly how your carpet should be treated. Damage caused by moths, pets, water and fire are things we examine for. We also check to see if the color will fade or run, and the cleaning process is changed to the rug’s needs.

The Opening Wash

We vacuum the rug and agitate it using a special device that loosens dust and debris. Dirt can break down the fibers in your rug if they are not eradicated.

The Initial Phase of the Rug Cleaning Process

The rug is dropped in a water container that destroys dirt and spots. We also look at the back and the fringes to make sure that a thorough cleaning is done.

The Following Step of the Rug Cleaning Process

Several cleaners implement so much soap, which is derived from fats, that your carpet will only stay clean for a short time before starting to attract even more dust and grime than ever before. Our advanced process ensures that the cleaning agents are completely flushed out by washing and rinsing the rug.

Combing and Drying Your Carpet

We will guarantee your rug’s pile is going the right way, and carefully brush the fringes and the rug itself. Then the area rug shall be dried fast in a special room which creates optimal drying conditions for your rug. The airflow and humidity are set depending on the type of rug.

Subsequently, we add smell to the rug.

We add fragrance to the rugs because it will sanitize them and make a room smell wonderful. Customers are given an option of fragrance: Baby Power, Cherry, Lemon or Peach. The scent is applied to the pile of the rug to further fluff it up as well as keep it smelling fantastic.

Finally, there is a postwash examination.

Every rug is carefully inspected after all the other steps are completed. If for any reason we are not happy, we will repeat the entire rug cleaning process again until we are sure we have got it as clean as possible.

We fix and restore every type of rug. We have a highly trained staff that can mend tears, holes, edges, and fringes. Our specialist cleaners and our thorough cleaning process, along with our rug repair and restoration, guarantee that your rug will be returned to you in the best possible condition.

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